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Things to consider when we sell your home

Why hire us?    

      Studies show that sellers who use a real estate professional generally get a                better price than those who choose to sell the home themselves. As your                    realtors it is our job to stay up to date on the latest market trends and                        fluctuations. Utilizing a realtor means no surprises during the selling process, as          you will have latest information at critical junctures in the process. Let us put our        experience to work for you to ensure you get the best price for your home!

      Your signed listing agreement with our group will engage our company to market        your home and confidentially represent your interests in negotiating the                      successful sale of your home:

  • Pre-Listing

       • Discuss your goals, needs and wants as a seller.
       • Prepare a competitive market analysis (CMA) of comparable sold properties to           help in determining the value of your home to generate the maximum profit.
       • Discuss the similarities and differences of your home and the ones on the CMA.
       • Discuss which repairs and decluttering/organizing is needed for your home                 prior to putting it on the market.
       • Refer vendors to you, as needed, to help with repairs/cleaning around the                   home.
       • Discuss staging needs to improve the aesthetic/appearance, if needed.

         Our staging comes at no additional cost to you.
       • Review/explain the listing paperwork, including the Seller’s Disclosure                           Statement to you.

  • Listing

       • Schedule a photo shoot with professional photographers, and if possible, invite           realtors from all over Dallas to preview the home as a “coming soon” listing.               We will meet the photographer to guide him in taking optimal photos.
       • Network with Compass Real Estate associates, as well as other brokers to                   spread the word about your home.
       • Assist you by answering any questions.
       • Help you complete all the paperwork to ensure a smooth transaction.
       • Utilize social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to feature your home as a               new listing.
       • Market your home on third party websites (Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Realtor,                       Compass, Feustel Group).
       • The first week on market, your home will be held open on realtor tour, as well             as an open house.
       • Communicate and discuss feedback, both positive and negative, from other               agents showing your home to prospective buyers.

  • Offers/Contracts:

      When a written offer is received, negotiated and accepted by you, it will be                submitted to the title company, along with the buyer’s earnest money.

      You will also receive an option fee from the buyer for an “option” period, which is        the period of time the buyer has the right to inspect the property, as well as                bring in other contractors for repair/renovation quotes as they see fit.

      Our job is to:


      • Present all offers received and provide professional assistance/guidance on                your options.
      • Explain the contract and all addenda, and strategize in detail the negotiation              process.
      • After a contract has executed, the buyers will likely order an inspection. We will          review with you any concerns the buyers may have from the results of the                  inspection.
      • We will negotiate the requested repairs, and/or the financial considerations with          the buyer’s realtor based on the inspection results.
      • If all parties agree to repairs and/or a financial consideration in lieu of repairs,            an amendment will be signed and the home will move to the pending status.


      During the pending period, an independent appraisal will be completed on the            home. This can also be the period of time where the buyer is securing their                financing for the purchase until closing. 

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